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Most people know the common markers of a good password.  Simple rules, like do not share your password with others, avoid repeat passwords, and opting out of the “save my password feature” when using public computers represent some of the basics of password security.  Hackers are getting better and better at stealing password info so it has become increasingly important to protect your business against stolen password issues. Millions of LinkedIn passwords were stolen recently, which has prompted Microsoft to ban easy passwords for its users. But what else can you do to protect your password info? Here are 5 ways to ensure and increase password security:


1. Be Unique. Although using the same password for all of your accounts may seem convenient do your best to try and avoid using the same password for all your accounts and/or using personal information to create your passwords.  This means birthdays, dogs names, or your name should not be a part of your password. A secure password is a unique one.

2. Mix It Up.  A password that contains letters, numbers, and symbols make it harder for someone to guess your password.  Include all three to create a really strong password.

3. Back It Up.  In the case you do forget your hopefully unique password you can set up back up options to retrieve your password or create a new one.  These back ups can send you an email notification or send you a code directly to your cell phone to quickly reset your password.

4. 2 Factor Authentication. You might want this service for your employees since it requires them to enroll into an extra layer of security.  2 Factor will ask you your typical log in info as well as send a code to your cell phone.  So unless someone guesses the log info and has an individual’s phone they will have a hard time getting in to your employees account.  

5. Get Rid of the Sticky Notes.  Last, but not least do not write your passwords down on a sticky note and place it on your desk.  This makes your password available to all who walk past your desk; instead you can use a password manager or create a discrete protected file on your computer where you store all your passwords.


Capitol Technology Solutions can help set password rules for all computers in your business by requiring all users adhere to some or all of the password security measures we mentioned above.  

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