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Most of us have connected to a public open Wi-Fi hotspot at some point without seriously considering whether the network was secure.  Wi-Fi security stretches further than just precariously named hotspots, like the one labeled “Mobile Denotation Device” on a recent flight headed to Perth where 40 passengers opted not to fly because of the “threatening” hotspot name according to a recent CNN article (“Wi-Fi Hot Spot called “Mobile Denotation Device” Delays Flight, 2016).  Although the passengers on the flight did not need to necessarily be worried by the hotspot name, the broader issue of Wi-Fi security is an important one to consider.  As locations for hotspots increase users should understand that if they are connected to a public open hotspot they might actually be putting their data at risk.   This becomes increasingly important as users use hotspots to check bank accounts, pay bills, and store passwords. We can help you counteract Wi-Fi insecurity by setting up your mobile phone as a mobile hotspot.  The good news is most mobile smart phones allow you to tether (basically internet share) your phone to use it as a Wi-Fi hotspot.  We can also help you setup a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network), which essentially allows your data to exist within a private (encrypted) vacuum keeping your information safe guarded while still allowing you access to Wi-Fi hotspots.

A dedicated guest network can also make sure your business Wi-Fi is secure, which in turn improves efficiency and network performance.  With a guest network your clients and visitors stay connected while keeping your company’s network separate.  These protections are important even for the most trusted visitors, as their computer may be compromised with malware.  Depending on your industry, you may want to limit the guest access only to general business hours while keeping your employee network running for team members working late.  We can also better control your bandwidth and prevent visitors from slowing the network down for everyone else.  Ask Capitol Technology to tailor a solution for your business.

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