Maintaining a healthy work life balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can prove quite the challenge for anyone. Ever since portable electronic devices began to emerge and evolve, people’s work has had a growing tendency to follow them home and creep into their personal lives. While some office work may certainly need to be completed outside of standard office hours, it is important to set boundaries so that you do not find yourself becoming overwhelmed.

Practice Safe BYOD

As an employer the concept of BYOD, “Bring Your Own Device” may seem like an automatic plus.  Your team can accomplish work away from your desk and have everything you need on the same mobile device they use at home.  BYOD is becoming increasingly popular because employers do not have to purchase hardware and employees have a strong allegiance to devices that they are already comfortable with.

Secure Your Password

Most people know the common markers of a good password.  Simple rules, like do not share your password with others, avoid repeat passwords, and opting out of the “save my password feature” when using public computers represent some of the basics of password security.  Hackers are getting better and better at stealing password info so it has become increasingly important to protect your business against stolen password issues. Millions of LinkedIn passwords were stolen recently, which has prompted Microsoft to ban easy passwords for its users. But what else can you do to protect your password info? Here are 5 ways to ensure and increase password security:

Smarter Wi-Fi Security

Most of us have connected to a public open Wi-Fi hotspot at some point without seriously considering whether the network was secure.  Wi-Fi security stretches further than just precariously named hotspots, like the one labeled “Mobile Denotation Device” on a recent flight headed to Perth where 40 passengers opted not to fly because of the “threatening” hotspot name according to a recent CNN article (“Wi-Fi Hot Spot called “Mobile Denotation Device” Delays Flight, 2016).  

Managed Services vs. Break Fix

Is your company proactive or reactive when it comes to problem solving? The answer to this question can help you determine whether you are better suited for break fix services or managed services.  Break fix services are reactive; your server crashes, you contact your IT company, and they bill you for that specific service.  This approach might seem appealing, but with break fix services you are already behind the curve and fixes are not guaranteed to happen immediately. 

Benefits of Smart Home Automation

Most residential clients look for our expertise on the typical  smart home technology services such as, home theaters, whole house audio, and even better WiFi coverage.  There is no doubt that these are important, but one area that I see as strangely underutilized is security cameras and automation. 

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