You do your business, and we do IT.

Capitol Technology Solutions provides small and medium sized businesses with a one-stop shop for IT solutions.

You can focus on your business, knowing we’ll handle all your IT needs. We know your business is unique and treat it that way.

Offering IT Consulting, IT Support, website design, website development, and smart homes, Capitol Technology Solutions is based in Washington DC, specializing in providing a full range of tech services in DC, MD, VA, and across the country.

Founded in 2009, Capitol Technology Solutions has built a strong reputation with its clients, who have come to depending on us. We offer competitive pricing and personalized service. From building out your office network to re-designing your website, our team is prepared to handle your small and medium business tech challenges. In addition to our business services, we design cutting edge Smart Home solutions.

Information Technology

Network Installation

From day one, allow our specialists to lay the groundwork for a network that is efficient, secure, and reliable. Our team will create a custom configuration that will best suit your business needs. We will then carefully install and properly configure all of your equipment, threading cables through the walls and running the necessary tests to ensure that there are no connectivity issues. Finally, once physically installed, we will then configure the firewall, switches, wireless access points, and servers necessary to provide you with a thoroughly streamlined network that you can depend on!

Network Security

Just as you look to ensure the safety of your home or office, your network should also be protected from unwanted visitors. Capitol Technology Solutions has a proven track record of implementing both time-tested, as well as new and innovative security measures in order to secure our clients’ networks. We begin by painstakingly scrutinizing your network for potential vulnerabilities, and then provide you with a set of customized recommendations for securing it against a breach. By taking these precautions, you will be able to sleep easy knowing that your business has a network that you can rely on.

IT Support / Outsourcing

The range of our IT support services depends entirely on your individual needs: we can provide IT training to your employees, make ourselves available as an IT help desk that will respond to any request if an issue should arise, or we can even serve as an entirely offsite IT department for your company. The process begins with a collaborative consultation where we ascertain your needs and fashion an effective IT support plan that will look to proactively stop complications in their tracks before they even surface.

Network Audit

If you have an existing network that is in need of a “tune-up,” we are here to help. By performing a network audit, we will thoroughly inspect your current system, cutting any existing “fat” and prescribing/implementing the necessary improvements in order to provide you with an updated network that is both reliable and efficient.

Web Development

Customized Web Design

A superior quality website that is aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and comprehensive, is an essential element of any business’s success. Here at Capitol Technology Solutions, we offer customized web design that incorporates the diverse skillsets of our highly talented and experienced team of experts. Together with our designers, we will create a custom layout that perfectly portrays your business. Then, after creating a design that is tailored to your needs, you will be able to choose from a wide range of features to include on your website, including advanced html views, easy-to-navigate menus, SEO-friendly architecture, and so much more. In the end, you are left with a thoroughly individualized website that will be the ideal representative for your business.

Maintenance and Hosting

Even if Capitol Technology Solutions did not develop your website, not only can we help keep it up-to-date and running smoothly, but we can even host it. Whether you need to update an employee biography or post information about an upcoming event, we can assist you with these edits. We can also make sure that your site has all the latest updates and standards, in order to ensure that your data is secure and your website preforms correctly. Finally, we are also able to securely host your website via Amazon Web Services. This ultra-protected hosting platform will ensure the safety of your website, shielding it from issues before they have a chance to arise.

E-Newsletter & Email Blasts

Another great way to help generate new business, as well as keep existing clients up-to-date, is to create a company newsletter. Together with our designers we will create a template that is consistent with the look and feel of your company’s brand. We’ll then work within your existing email system or create a custom system for sending out and tracking your email campaign, increasing the likelihood of landing in the inbox instead of the spam folder.

Additional Business Services

VoIP Systems

Capitol Technology Solutions can help businesses just like yours integrate Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP systems, that dramatically bring down costs and facilitate seamless and reliable communications. Our VoIP solutions include features that range from call center routing to conference bridges, softphones, and so much more. Bring your business into the cutting edge of telephonic communications with VoIP systems that can be hosted and maintained entirely by us offsite.

Customized Software

Our team of consultants can assist your business in not only implementing the most cutting-edge software on the market today, but we can also create a customized system that will best fit your unique needs. For affiliate software, our team will help advise you on which programs will best suit your company. Also, within that affiliate software, we can design custom programs in order to perfectly tailor the software to your needs. Furthermore, if you are looking for something a bit more exclusive, we even offer custom software development services, where we will create a program that is uniquely fashioned for your business’s specific goals. Together with our programmers, we will create an original backend that not only meets your firm’s demands, but is also safe, secure and reliable!

Security Cameras &
Remote Locks

Help keep your business safe by allowing us to install state-of-the-art security cameras and remote locks throughout your office which you can control from your smartphone, television, computer, or tablet. After installing the remote locks, we will then begin the security camera process by identifying any areas in your office that may be particularly vulnerable and discuss with you your individual concerns. From there we will install the necessary number of cameras in order to leave you feeling at ease knowing that your business is secure.

Mobile & Web Applications

Looking to create a mobile or web based application of your own? Capitol Technology Solutions is here to help. Depending on your requirements as a company, our specialists will work with you to create a mobile or web-based application that will not only perfectly suit your needs, but also work seamlessly across all platforms!

Smart Homes

Wi-Fi Connectivity

No matter which network you subscribe to, allow us to install and route your WiFi connection through your entire house, allowing you to browse the web everywhere from your bedroom to your backyard.

Dual Wi-Fi Network

By installing a dual WiFi network, different members of the household will be able to work or play on separate networks. This is particularly great for parents who want to set parental controls on their children’s connection!

Home Theater

Upgrade your home entertainment center by allowing us to install a state-of-the-art home theater that will be sure to turn your living room into the ideal viewing arena.

Multi-Zone Audio System

Want to stream music throughout your entire home? Allow us to install a multi-zone audio system and your favorite artists will keep you company throughout your entire house.

Security Cameras

Help keep your home safe and secure by allowing us to install state-of-the-art security cameras that can be monitored from your smartphone, television, computer, or tablet.

Remote Locks

Never worry again whether or not you forgot to lock up your house by allowing us to install remote locks. From your smartphone or tablet you are just one click away from ensuring that your home is secure.
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