Network Design by Capitol Technology

A Powerful, Reliable Groundwork to Support Every Element of Your Business.

Capitol Technology Does Awesome Network Design

Powerful, Made-to-Order Networks Designed for Business.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all network.  Whatever makes your business unique needs to be fostered by an equally unique network foundation.  At Capitol Technology, our network designs begin with gaining an in-depth understanding of an organization.  We leave no stone unturned as we gather information about ISPs, operations, file storage, and phone systems, to name just a few.  Once our objectives are clear, we meticulously configure network hardware to exactly meet the needs of the company.  Security and reliability are top priorities, and we only work with industry-leading manufacturers such as SonicWall, Netgear, and Ubiquiti. 

Networks built for speed, security, and scalability.

If you’re experiencing issues like laggy file access, slow internet, and viruses or other types of malware, then you’re overdue for a network redesign.  Many companies set up with a modem, a router, and maybe a rudimentary network storage.  Unfortunately, these unsophisticated frameworks don’t provide the security, speed, coverage, or reliability of a custom-built network.  Our networks focus on speed, security, and scalability so that your network can grow with your company.  End the daily frustrations of your inadequate network and call Capitol Technology now to get it done right.

Going remote? No problem.

The mass migration from the office workplace to working from home is a recent phenomenon that many companies weren’t prepared for.  How do employees access internal resources? How do you control and manage the security of company assets used from home networks? How do you maintain consistent employee productivity?  Capitol Technology has answers to all of these questions.  If your company’s transition to work-from-home has been bumpy at best, please contact us to learn about how we can help.

Our Network Design Services Include

Rock-Solid Security

We use only reputable, proven technology. Our firewalls, switches, and wireless access points offer multiple levels of security features to keep your network safe from intruders.

Steady and Reliable

Our equipment is powerful and ready to handle whatever you throw at it. We can also build multiple levels of backup protection into your network so that if something fails, you don’t miss a beat.


As your company grows, you need a network design that is capable of growing with it. All of our solutions can be scaled to meet the demands of your workplace.

Site-to-Site Connectivity

More than one office? No problem. Whether your locations are nearby or scattered across the globe, we can build connectivity into each location so that all employees can access critical company resources.

Remote Access

Whether you’re working from home or on the road, maintain secure access to internal company resources no matter where you are.

Work From Home

For regular work-from-home employees, we can design the network to include features specifically designed to accommodate their needs.