IT Auditing by Capitol Technology

When It Comes to Security and Technology, Knowledge is Power

IT Auditing

Knowing where you stand from a technology standpoint is the key to leveraging your IT.

Today’s business environment is undeniably information-driven.  Competing in such an environment means companies must continually evaluate their ability to protect and leverage their information assets, including security protocols, operational processes, and the reliable exchange of information with authorized parties. So what does an IT audit achieve? In short, the important purpose of an IT audit is to determine how effectively your company is maintaining these protocols and to provide valuable insight as to where improvements can be made.

What does your company stand to gain from an IT audit?

The importance of a comprehensive IT audit cannot be overstated.  A solid, thorough IT audit by Capitol Technology accomplishes numerous goals.  Our IT audits help companies improve internal and external security, gain a better understanding of their deployed IT assets, and realize untapped potential of their IT investments.  Armed with this insight, your business will be equipped to reach its IT goals and objectives.

Capitol Technology offers comprehensive IT internal audit services. We break down and analyze your IT landscape piece by piece so you understand every element of how your technology is currently working.  Our audit services help organizations not only understand their IT strengths, but also their key technology weak points and how well those risks are being mitigated. 

Our IT Audits Include

On-Site Evaluation

At CTS, we like to dig deep and get our hands dirty. We look at each piece of your IT puzzle for ourselves. Masks on, of course.

Expert Advice

We don’t just focus on the positives. Our audit will be candid and honest about your company’s IT strengths and weaknesses.

Valuable Insight

The whole point of an audit is to better understand your IT situation. We’ll make sure you’re fully armed with all the information you need to maximize your company’s potential.

Comprehensive Report

Every IT audit we perform ends in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand report. We recognize that insight means nothing if it’s not clear and intelligible.


We love getting questions. Follow-up questions mean our clients digested the information we provided and are trying to better understand the facts in front of them. We’re happy to be a post-report resource for you.

Service Incentives

Our audit services are already competitively priced and a great value for your money. If, after the audit, you decide to contract with us for managed services, we’ll discount or, in some cases, waive our audit fee.